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May I introduce myself ? I am Arnaud Levy.

French citizen living in Germany






My studies to become a generalist engineer with specialty in industrial techniques have included numerous stays abroad which influenced me on my professional choices. I have among other things had the opportunity to work in expatriation in Germany and thus work for leading companies in their field.
It is today still the case!

Always intersted by technology and authenticity, I am immersed very young in the world of the collection of old vehicles. Hence my passion for the restoration of Solex. Thanks to the people I met during my travels, I discover my interest for the creation of Internet site and naturally creates a site on my work restoring the Solex which will be successful in the search engines and will receive a bonus in the specialized press of the world of the collection. This was the first site and the origin of the creation of my company Trarevo which I manage as a secondary activity.

Specialties born of passion and know-how

Arnaud Levy, actor in the development of the Internet


Web Design


Media Socia



Arnaud Levy´s skills

Knowledge is something to be acquired and it grows with experience.

Computer & Software

Proficiency in computer tools and related software such as MS Office; SAP...

Foreign languages

French Native language, German almost bilingual, very good level of English.

Technical know-how

Especially in domains hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, pneumatic...

Social Competence

Customer Relations, Teamwork, Leadership...


Search engine optimization for the recognition of a website by the search engines.

Web Design

Using and adapting templates for targeted use.

  • Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.

    Oscar Wilde
    (1854 - 1900)

  • Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things.

    Frank Clark
    (1860 - 1936)

I am happy to hear about you !

A little history

Some important events of my professional life focused on my activity and my participation in the development of the Internet

  • 2005
  • June 2005

    Creation of the company Produit de France SARL

    Online wine sales company "Ecommerce"

  • March2005

    Creation of the company Trarevo

    German company specializing in website creation

  • 2003
  • September 2003

    First job in expatriation

    Beginning career in Germany for a leading French company in anti-corrosion products.

  • July 2003

    Engineering degree

    School: ISIV in Valenciennes

  • 1998
  • June 1998

    Scientific secondary school diploma

  • 1980
  • October 80

    It all began in Paris!

Portofolio and achievements

A passion for the limitless playground that the Internet offers which leads to the realization of websites using different technologies.


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Trarevo Internet Agency

Company with self-employed entrepreneur status in Germany offering these services in Europe.

Joomla or Wordpress based
Many solutions available

Interests of Arnaud Levy

Depending of the years and occasions !

Innovative Technologies

Tomorrow is today!

For those who do not know the Ultrabooks and the Smarthome, to look immediately...


Restoration of these collectibles

A collection of more than 30 Solex


Vroum !

with SV1000S

Contributing to the Internet

A limitless potential!

to be exploited...


Defending and transmitting our culture

The family is growing


From farmhouse to modem house

Beginning in 2009, ending in ...